Black Badger Advanced Composites


James Thompson is a 42 year old industrial designer from Vancouver, Canada. Since 2002 James has lived and worked in Sweden. Black Badger Advanced Composites was founded in Sweden in 2002.

With an industrial design masters degree from Gothenburg University’s Högskolan for Design och Konsthantverk (HDK), James celebrates the industrial aspects of his chosen materials.

“This type of ‘honesty of materials’ is very indicative of Sweden…why use beautiful materials if you are just going to paint over them. Let the ingredients speak for themselves! When you do not use materials with a financial value, it is the design that you must rely on. It's more of an architectural way of looking at it, polished concrete and brushed aluminum can be every bit as elegant as silver and emeralds. I think that once we abandon traditional notions of what is beautiful, we find that countless options arise”

In addition to the jewlery design he works with, James is working extensively in the timepiece industry. Several collaborations are currently underway.


Are your prices in USD?
-Yes, to simplify international business I post my prices in American dollars.

How does your sizing work?
-Again to facilitate international business I use a simple standard of internal diameter in milimeters.
For my ceramic and titanium rings that equates to this:

17.5mm is US size 7 1/4

18.5mm is US size 8 1/2

19.5mm is US size 9 3/4

20.5mm is US size 10 3/4

21.5mm is US size 12

Other rings like the Portal and Eclipse can be made in any size at all. If you don’t see your size in the list, just drop me an email and we’l get you sorted.

If you are at all unsure do not hesitate to contact me direct at with any questions

What makes your rings glow??
-My rings use an amazing photolumenescent composite called AGT ULTRA, made by Ambient Glow Technology. It’s a passive glow material, so it requires exposure to a bright lightsource to charge, and will then glow brightly in the darkness for an extended period of time. How brightly and how long depends completely on how strong the charging light is, and how dark the viewing area is.

Is the glow stuff dangerous?!
-Only if you throw a big chunk of it at someone’s head. AGT ULTRA is not related to Tritium or other materials that generate light through (however mild) radioactivity. It’s perfectly safe and non-toxic

How long do the rings take to make?
-Usually around four to six weeks is about right. Once completed I send worldwide via FedEx International Priority shipping, which is often only two or three days worldwide.

I’ve noticed lots of the rings on your Instagram feed aren’t on your webshop. What up?
-My Instagram feed (@blackbadger) is mostly the more custom or one-off pieces. As these often are much more complex and requiring more interaction with the client, I keep these off the “click to buy" webshop. If there is any piece you are interested in, you may certainly contact me directly at and we can see about making you one for yourself!