Black Badger Advanced Composites

Copperhead superconductor ring

2000 USD / In stock.
Ok, we really swung for the fences with this one.

But as you know, half-assed doesn't even make it in the door here at Black Badger!

Copperhead is our most audacious design yet. Milled from a solid slab of copper / niobium superconductor, it has the most amazing honeycomb structure you have ever seen. 

Superconductors are used for carrying massive amounts of electrical current with virtually no impediment. They are used in nuclear reactors, particle colliders, and even MRI machines. 

Copperhead is available in any of the four AGT ULTRA lume colors. 

Due to the premium aspect of this ring, its recommended you email me direct at so we may confirm all design aspects before production begins.

Please anticipate a 6 week production schedule for your rings. I make these all myself ;)