Black Badger Advanced Composites

Eclipse solid carbon fiber and AGT ULTRA lume ring

375 USD / In stock.

Do you look as good with the lights off as on? Me too.

The Eclipse is a real top-seller here at Black Badger. A layer of AGT ULTRA photoluminescent material is sandwiched between two layers of F1-quality solid carbon fiber laminate. So in normal light conditions, the eye is drawn to the woodgrain effect of the layers within the carbon fiber. Kill the lights and the Eclipse glows like nothing you've seen before. Give it a blast from a bright light source to charge the lume layer, and sunlight will charge it in a matter of seconds.

I promise, you'll be going into the bathroom with the lights off so many times with this ring, people will start to wonder what the hell you've been eating.

Please anticipate a 6 week production schedule for your rings. I make these all myself ;)